Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Birthday Vanity Table

Since we made something fairly large and interesting for Carys' last birthday (our-home-doll-house), we thought we'd best make something similar for Ffion's. Ffion is really into all things pink and princessy, which is a bit of a surprise since she doesn't really have a role model in this regard (Lin, you know it's true!). Queen FilthWizard had a great idea (as usual) and suggested making a largish vanity table, one where a few girls could sit around to preen and play at the same time. Oh, and it needs to be PINK!! (not just pink).

I took the morning off work one day and spent a little time with the missus scowering the local thrift stores for a table to use as the main base.  We got very lucky at the local salvation army where we found a basic (and slightly beaten up) girls vanity table - job complete?  Nah, it needed to be larger and more personalised.  We have some strange and random bits of wood in the garage, one item is an old desk top (you can see it in the picture below) which we thought we could combine with the table to extend the sides and create more counter space.

I cut the table top in half, shaped the sides (scroll saw and router) and added a few bits of 2"x2" which I used to secure the panels to the main table top.

Lin designed a second backboard with space for an extra couple of mirrors (no fighting over mirror space!).  I cut this out of a sheet of 1/4" MDF board, painted it and added a couple of wooden hand mirrors that we'd found at the local thrift store (these look like they came from Michael's or JoAnne's or similar).  I wanted the backboard and extra mirrors to be different shades of pink, so they were painted separately with an area masked off on the MDF so that the mirrors could be glued on afterwards.

A Lin added a few extra nice touches using some gold spray paint to make sparkly pots, trays and hand mirrors.

Here's the birthday girl enjoying her present (which was ready in time for her actual birthday, unlike Carys' which was... er.... 3 months late.  Well Birthday + Pi Months = Pi birthday, right?  everyone loves Pi).

Finally some random baby pictures :)  Say hi to my newest little girl, Delyth (also looking pretty in pink), who was 6 months old in this photo.
And here's a more recent one of Delyth through a toilet roll tube (don't ask) - she's actually 11 Months old now!.

And here's the other two filth wizards enjoying their home made x-wing flight suits.


RĂ„VENoRĂ„KAN said...

What a table! I'm not into pink myself, but I have a daughter whom would like a table like that very much :-)

familie in den vreemde said...

Beautiful pieces of handwork on this blog, impressive!

Unknown said...


I like this table for girls. Your daughter was happy.

Excuse me for my english but i am french.

Sincerely yours